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Solang Therapy is a holistic body training method that integrates mindfulness, corrective bodywork and functional fitness conditioning. Our unique exercises are developed specifically to mobilize and tone your body, improve body awareness and functional postures, and facilitate pain-free movement. Our aim is to help you gain understanding of your own body and teach you how to exercise intelligently, strengthen what’s weak, mobilize what’s rigid, relax what’s tense and activate what’s passive. All exercises are taught with focused attention to detail so you can practice exercises that are relevant to your current situation.

We promote a specific approach to physical training that looks at human body as an organic, constantly changing biological structure. Our programmes are not designed to tire you out but to make you feel better and function better outside of training sessions. Instead of coaching you to become good in performing fitness drills, we want to show you how to use our exercises to improve the ways you move during every day activities.

Modern lifestyle is driven by intellectual stimulation and physical activities became increasingly limited for convenience. We can easily adapt to this environment and develop habits of doing things in repetitive ways, which over time may lead to muscle imbalances, rigidity, aches, and pain. Solang Therapy is a somatic exercise method that shows you how to pay attention to your body during movement and in rest. You will gain skills to identify your body habits and explore possibilities of how to move in new ways. This way of working improves mobility, tones the parts of your body that became passive, and keeps your body young. Our mindful approach to exercise promotes mental relaxation and helps to manage negative effects of stress.

Wishing you health and wellness, Lucja Soläng

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solang Therapy?
  • Solang Therapy is a physical training method that integrates mindfulness, corrective bodywork and fitness exercises to make you feel better, move better and feel better. It is a self-exploratory somatic exercise method that improves functional movement capacity and helps to manage stress.
  • Solang Therapy training programmes are designed specifically to improve your posture and facilitate optimal fitness workouts without aggravating old injuries or painful conditions.
  • Solang Therapy invites you to become interested in your body, pay attention to your body habits, explore how can you start moving in different ways, and build positive body behaviour that leads to improved body shape and mental wellbeing.
What are benefits of Solang Therapy?
  • Improved functional posture and movement capacity
  • Improved body shape and tone
  • Improved balance, stability and mobility
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Reduced risk of injuries
  • Increased ability to exercise without aggravating old injuries
  • Improved recovery from injury
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Immediate relief of daily tension and stress
  • Greater sense of connectedness with your body, improved ability to self-regulate and manage stress
  • Improved mental focus and stamina
  • Greater sense of self-acceptance and contentment in your body
  • Increased understanding of how to keep in good health
How long does it take to experience benefits?
  • Benefits can be experienced almost immediately. During the first session you begin feeling calm and peaceful, your body feels activated, aligned, and relieved from daily stress and tension. Afterwards you feel rejuvenated and energised.
  • From the first session you start learning how to bring simple changes into your work and leisure activities that, when applied regularly, will have a profound effect on your long-term health and fitness goals.
  • After a single session, most people report feeling positive and inspired to make progressive lifestyle changes. It is recommended to attend a minimum of 4 sessions to learn our basic exercises that you can continue doing on your own. Frequent practice (little but often) will create more pronounced (optimal) effects. The more often you take time to do our exercises with attention to your body, the more benefits will transfer into you every day life. Every brief moment of focused attention and being present in your body is healing. Solang therapy offers flexibility in a way we support your continuous development via online recourses, supervised classes in London, and private home visits.
  • Every time you do our unique set of exercises, you make a difference to your body and mind. Regular discipline will result in lasting, long term benefits, change in a mental attitude, improved physical abilities and body shape.
How does it work?
  • Soläng Therapy uses simple exercise drills to assess and improve your capacity for movement. All sessions are done with attention to detail so you can recognise which specific exercises are relevant to your current situation and experience. You learn to meet your body where it is and work with it intelligently to mobilise any stiffness, create stability and strengthen muscles that became inactive or weak.
  • Soläng Therapy is not designed to simply make you tired during a workout. On contrary, it activates your body so you feel fit and energised for all the daily tasks that you want to do, whether it’s sport, yoga, travelling, work, or taking care of your family.
  • You will learn a set of simple corrective exercises that can be repeated frequently and you will also learn how to tweak your daily activities so they become strengthening rather than straining to your body.
  • You will gain skills to recognize your body habits that create overuse strain and you will be given tools to help you move better. Learning how to change patterns of habitual postures and movements will help relieve long-term muscular tension. Increased body awareness and greater variety of movement will change your work and leisure postures and help preventing repetitive strain injury.
  • You will end up using all the muscles that haven’t been active before and thus create more toned, flexible, and graceful body.
Do I have to buy special equipment to do Solang Therapy?

Solang Therapy can be done anywhere and does not require any special equipment. The aim of Solang Therapy is to teach you how to become mindful and active within your existing life and in space that’s available to you. Many exercises can be done simply on the floor, using wall, or basic home furniture. Some exercises use elastic resistance bands that can also be replaced with a belt or towel.

How can I get started?

Click here to get in touch with Solang Therapy team, reserve a place in one of our group classes in London, or book a private appointment.

Who created Solang Therapy and why?
  • Solang Therapy was created by Lucja Solang as a response to what she experienced and observed in her professional practice. Lucja’s method developed organically for her private clients in London, and now it is available for everyone.
  • After years of researching various methods of physical and remedial training, Lucja prioritizes clients’ education as means of improving their own health and maintaining self-sufficiency into aging.
  • Lucja’s vision is to popularize mindful corrective exercise as a path to self-development, self-care, and improved quality of life. Therefore, she carefully designed a unique training method that targets needs of modern population; helps to relieve tension related to poor posture and promote positive body behavior.
Who is Lucja Solang?
  • Lucja Solang is a London based holistic self-care specialist, sport rehabilitator and personal trainer with 20 years of experience working and coaching people in health and fitness. With background in ballet training and most of her life working with body movement techniques, Lucja spends most of her time exploring how physical training affects physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Lucja graduated with first class honours degree in Sport and Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, gained American College of Sports Medicine certification in Health Fitness, and trained in bodywork techniques including remedial and sports massage, myofascial release, and physical therapy interventions. She is also a certified yoga teacher and a meditation practitioner.
  • Lucja specialises in injury rehabilitation, prevention, and corrective exercise training. Experience in therapeutic practice brought her attention to holistic aspects of bodywork. She developed a specific way of working with the body that prioritizes clients’ education as means of improving their own health. She is passionate about teaching people how to take care of their bodies so they can enjoy physical activities and positive outlook on life.

Łucja Soläng

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