This video shows a simple exercise to activate posterior chain muscles and improve ability to balance on one leg. It’s great for toning buttocks, legs, abdominals, and upper back muscles.

This exercise is an effective way to:

  • Strengthen posterior chain muscles
  • Actively stretch hamstrings and glutes
  • Tone buttocks and legs muscles
  • Improve abdominal tone
  • Improve ability to balance on one leg
  • Improve ankle, knee, hip, and spine stability
  • Improve posture and body awareness


  1. Stand on one leg and keep body weight on the heel
  2. Hinge from your hip to bend over and reach towards your shin
  3. Keep your spine in neutral position, avoid bending from the spine
  4. Use hamstrings and gluteal muscles to lift your body up to starting position
  5. Take the shoulders back and balance on one leg before repeating the exercise 10 times
  6.  Change leg and repeat 10 times
  7. In second part of the exercise, hold your hands behind your back, and keep your shoulders back – it will be more challenging to balance but try to continue standing only on one leg throughout the set of 10 repetitions.
  8. Repeat 10 times for each leg


  • Pay attention to your body alignment; maintain neutral position of spine, pelvis, ribcage, and head. Try to relax your face muscles and breathe normally. Read more at


  • This is not a medical advice and should not be used that way. This video was created to demonstrate exercise technique and not as your personal exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or uncomfortable symptoms, stop immediately and contact your healthcare professional.