This video shows how to actively stretch hip flexors and improve tone of hip extensor muscles and abdominal muscles.

This exercise is an effective way to:

  • Improve tone of glutes and hamstrings muscles
  • Improve shoulder, hip, and spinal stability
  • Tone arms, legs, hips, and abdomen
  • Improve posture and body awareness
  • Strengthen wrists and tone chest and triceps muscles


  1. Start on all fours – quadruped position
  2. Press all your fingers, toes, and shins down
  3. Stretch your chest forward and point your sitting bones back
  4. Keeping the alignment of chest and pelvis, lift you abdomen up
  5. Maintain normal breathing and keep your face relaxed
  6. Keeping your body in the position described above, stretch one leg back
  7. With the toes on floor, straighten your knee, lengthen the front of your abdomen, hip, and leg
  8. Alternate working legs and repeat 5 times for each leg
  9. Next, take the leg straight back; this time lift it off the floor and continue stretching it straight back
  10. Repeat lifting the leg 5 times on each side.


  • Pay attention to your body alignment; maintain neutral position of spine, pelvis, ribcage, and head. Notice the difference between the right and left side of your body, try to position them evenly and keep it while you move your legs back.


  • This is not a medical advice and should not be used that way. This video was created to demonstrate exercise technique and not as your personal exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or uncomfortable symptoms, stop immediately and contact your healthcare professional.